Craigslist Suspect – Just Why is he an “Improbable” Suspect

The “Craigslist Killer” Suspect is in trouble again. He has been charged with pulling a gun on a stripper in R.I. Reporters and pundits alike keep stating that this man is an unlikely predator. Why? Because he’s educated, preppy, blond and engaged? I guess he’s supposed to be Black or Latino, poor and uneducated? I am sick and tired of hearing people try to “explain” this man’s behavior. Men that are engaged or married don’t commit crimes against women.  Yeah, okay.  If the evidence that has unfolded is true, he is a killer — period.

I find it interesting that folks want to find out “why” someone killed or committed a heinous crime when the perpetrator is white, but don’t give a damn about what provoked someone to murder or maim if her or she is black. The way that people are talking about this alleged criminal is bizarre as if his race, education and financial situation bar him from being capable of committing a crime.

This reflects the grossly exaggerated stereotype that criminals are of color and impoverished. Even killers like Susan Smith, who feign insanity, aren’t too crazy to blame a black man for the crime. Why? Because they know that he is already coded as a predator and criminal in the public imagination. It’s funny how that insanity wanes long enough to identify a black man as the perpetrator.

Like Smith, Markoff is not above breaking the law, so please stop acting like it.


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