Leave A-Rod Alone

Enough is enough. We all know that A-Rod took steroids. He admitted it and wants to move on, but somehow we won’t let him. There is yet another tell-all book out about his use of steroids. Really. It seems to me that what initially appeared to be investigative reporting is turning into a witch hunt. Folks want to act like they are so upset when athletes in general and baseball players specifically take steroids. Just because baseball is supposed to be America’s favorite pasttime, does not mean that the game or the players will be perfect.

It is the actual demand for perfection from athletes that drives them to do stupid things like take steroids. Baseball is not, nor has it ever been the pristine sport that it pretends to be. If people were not so obsessed with athletes breaking records and performing above and beyond normal standards, then there would be less of a need to cheat or take steroids. No, I’m not blaming the fans, I’m just saying that our hands are not exactly clean in this scandal.

Would we pay A-Rod ridiculous amounts of money if he did not outperform other athletes? No. Would we even know who he is or care about what he may or may not have done as a teenager, if we had not created the icon that is A-Rod? Probably not. I don’t care that he has a penchant for strippers and aging rock stars. I don’t care that he took steroids so that he could remain competitive in a field where it appears that a bunch of folks were taking steroids. I don’t care if he broke records because of his God-given talent or because of synthetic enhancements, and I am a baseball fan.

I just care that he told the truth. Is it fair to continue assailing him for taking steroids when he has admitted wrongdoing, unlike so many others? Is it fair to continue to talk about his steroid use even though he has acknowledged it and apologized? Author of the latest tell-all Selena Roberts seems intent on holding his feet to the fire, when this is old news.

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it. Many stellar baseball players took steroids during the course of their career. Okay, we got it. Now, let’s move on and let’s play ball!


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