Miss California: Go Somewhere and Sit Down

When I was a little girl, my mother would often say, “Go somewhere and sit down.” This usually happened when I was up to no good, or when I continued doing something that she had told me to stop doing for my safety, which I completely ignored. For example, I would jump on the bed. She would tell me to stop before I fall off and hurt myself. I would stop momentarily and then continue jumping on the bed. Eventually I would fall off and hurt myself. My mother would not “baby me” or anything. She would simply say, “Now, go somewhere and sit down,” and I knew what that meant. It simply meant that you should have quit while you were ahead.

Miss California, who is clearly up to no good and thinks that it is her right to assail gay marriage, could take a lesson from the Burton household. You’ve said enough and done enough, now simply go away. She claimed that it was her views on gay marriage that cost her the Miss USA crown. She abandoned her work with the Special Olympics to become a spokesperson against gay marriage. It was then revealed that the Miss USA pageant paid for her boob job. Now, nude photos of her taken when she was 17 years-old have surfaced. You would think that this would be enough for someone to quietly fade into the background. Not Carrie Prejean a.k.a. Miss California.  Now she wants to go on air and confront the person whom she thinks has “leaked the photos.”

Really? And a clearly smitten Matt Lauer wants to give her a platform — again.  Must I wake up to sheer and utter foolishness each morning because of this narcissist? She will not leave well enough alone. She publicly embarrassed herself by stumbling over what should have been a simple answer to a simple question, which she did not answer. She exposed herself as the treacherous woman that she is by dumping the Special Olympics as her cause to pursue a platform against gay rights, all in pursuit of continuing her 15 minutes of fame. Now she’s still trying to rage against a machine that has it out for her. Why? Because she’s an easy target and all to willing to keep this foolishness going. Miss California’s blond ambition is getting on my nerves.

A woman who had the world at her feet, and probably still does with her beauty and lack of common sense, is slowly but surely chipping away at any credibility she had.  When right-wing conservatives don’t want to align themselves with you, “Houston you have a problem.”  Let go Miss California. It’s over. As Jeru the Damaga would say, “You played herself.” As my mother would say, “Now go somewhere and sit down.”


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