Oprah buys Chicken for Everyone

Okay. I know that I’m supposed to be in support of feeding people, particularly when our country is in a state of extreme financial disarray, meaning that a bunch of folks are hungry. However, when I heard that Oprah, the richest woman in the world was buying chicken for the free world, I threw up in my mouth a little bit.The stereotypical aspect of it (Black folks and our love affair with chicken) along with partnering with a company that has historically made billions from clogging arteries, is kind of suspect. Chicken? And KFC’s “healthy” grilled chicken at that? Why not buy fresh produce or something really healthy for families? Did I mention how stereotypical that is? I did, didn’t I? Can you tell I’m bothered? I don’t think folks should be held hostage by stereotypes, but damn. She might have picked something else – like vegetables. Sides perhaps. But chicken? While she’s buying chicken for folks, why  not toss in a side of watermelon and a platinum chain? I know that the intention was good, but the execution is wack. Chicken. I’m shaking my head. Chicken. Still shaking my head. I know that I should be thankful, but chicken — and KFC chicken at that. There is a reason why the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished,” to describe people like me in this instance.  I am truly horrified that this extremely public initiative is happening, but I do know where my next meal is coming from, which is more than a lot of folks can say right now. So, I’ll try to tuck away my disdain and celebrate the fact that some folks who may not have been able to eat today, are able to eat today, because of Oprah’s good deed, which clearly will not go unpunished.


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