Charges Against Madlyn Primoff Will be Dropped if She “Behaves”

I just read a headline blurb on that says, “Judge agrees to dismiss child endangerment charges if woman behaves.” If she behaves? This judge is speaking to her like she is a child when she is the adult. This is exactly why I don’t have children, because you cannot discipline them without fear of being undermined, reprimanded or having some third party involvement.  This is why kids today run roughshod over everybody, including their parents.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this article is referring to Madlyn Primoff, the mother who put her bad ass kids (ages 10 and 12 respectively) out of the car and drove off. She came back, but her bad ass kids had separated (another no no), with one ending up talking to a stranger (yet another no no) and then at the police station. Funny, she could find her way to a police station but could not find her way home.

People thought that I was crazy when I said that Madlyn Primoff was right to do what she did. I still believe it. I don’t think that she is a bad mother nor do I think that she should have been brought up on charges. She did what many frustrated mothers do — called their bluff. She was clearly overwhelmed and needed a few minutes to get herself together, not police charges.

Mothers are not perfect and they sometimes make bad decisions. In some instances, they are trying to teach their children a lesson, but these kids are so spoiled and ill-behaved that they cannot even learn a lesson. Instead, they have their mother on front street, who must now kiss their asses and “behave” as ordered by the court or risk being jailed. That’s a healthy household. How will said judge know if she doesn’t behave? I guess when her bad ass kids call to complain when she doesn’t allow them to do what they want, when they want and how they want it. Better yet, some third party with different behavioral values may call and “tell on her”  because she is being too “harsh” with the children.

You could not pay me to be in the position that Madlyn Primoff is in right now. This situation highlights the distorted roles of parent and child that have this society and families in a state of total chaos. I get the great privilege of having them in my classroom. Thanks a lot.


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