Miss California Should Not Lose Her Crown Over Nude Photos

Although I dislike her views on gay marriage, Miss California should not lose her title because of nude photos. I know that I have been raging against the machine that is Miss California, but to kick her to the curb over nude photos, is ridiculous. Is it me or is it ludicrous that organizations that make millions of dollars over the objectification of women, should not throw a hissy fit when women choose to objectify themselves? Carrie Prejean was only 17-years-old when she had the semi-nude photos taken of her, which makes her barely a woman. She may have been funk legend Rick James’ kind of 17-year-old, but I still think of her as pretty much a child.

The fallacy of a beauty pageant is that it tries to right the very wrong of judging women primarily on their outer beauty instead of their inner beauty. They make up all of these “rules” to give some “integrity” and credibility to something that is less than credible and lacks authenticity. There is an entire machine that is dedicated to tearing down the self-esteem of young girls, who turn into low self-esteem having women.  Dolls, magazines, beauty pageants, television, film and clothing designers are all complicit and guilty in creating extreme beauty myths which drive women to do just what Miss California did — pose for nude photos, compete in beauty pageants, and then behave like petulant children when they don’t get their way.  Why? After having spent all of that time and money striving for perfection, there should be some reward — the ultimate reward — a title.

Women go through asinine beauty, exercise and dieting regimens in pursuit of perfection, which does not exist. Beauty pageants promote a type of perfection that is hard to find, which is why the pageants are buying girls boobs, noses, butts, lipo, teeth and a bevvy of other things in order to create this image. Hell, Miss California no longer looks like the girl in those photos with her “new” hair, nose and breasts, the latter of which was purchased by the Miss USA pageant.

If they are going to take her crown, it should be because she broke the rules by endorsing an organization without getting prior permission. It should be because she lied and said that there was only one photo instead of multiple photos. For the Miss California organization to lean on the “moral” requirements of the pageant, which requires women to starve themselves, undergo plastic surgery and parade around the stage damn near naked, is a cop out. Fire her because she talks too much, which is the real problem. Miss California’s behavior has exposed beauty pageants for what they are — shallow and mean-spirited spaces made up of people who are far uglier on the inside than people can imagine.

Have we already forgotten that someone doused Miss Universe’s clothes with a chemical agent that sent her to the hospital or the girl whose mother murdered the competition? Yes, these are extreme examples, but they do highlight the ugliness that happens in beauty pageants. That is the greatest irony. Don’t lean on “morals” because you want to get rid of Miss California, who has become a colossal thorn in the side. Just as I do not agree with Perez Hilton calling her the “c” word (completely unnecessary and out of line), I do not agree with the Miss California organization pretending to be “holier-than-thou.”

Miss California is learning some hard lessons. Those in glass houses should not cast stones.  The Miss California pageant might want to take a page from that book.


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