Earth to the White House: Have You Met Wanda Sykes?

Okay. The hoopla surrounding Wanda Sykes’ performance at the White House Correspondent’s dinner is a bit much.  I cannot believe they are trying to distance themselves from her comments about Rush Limbaugh. This is a man that says whatever he is thinking, whenever he is thinking it and he’s off limits at a White House function — the man who publicly wishes that President Obama will fail?  Wanda Sykes, being Wanda Sykes and all, takes the opportunity to poke fun at Limbaugh and Cheney and gets criticized for it?

She is a comedienne. Unlike others, she was not picking on someone younger or who is not perfectly capable of speaking up for himself. Trust me, Rush Limbaugh surely had a few choice words for Sykes. What were they? “The black dyke got it wrong. Nobody told her the rules,” Limbaugh allegedly said. It was later reported that Christopher Hitchens actually made the “black dyke” comment. Clearly, Rush is a big boy and can handle himself, spewing venom like only he can — straight, no chaser. He talks smack all day for millions and she makes a few jokes and gets slammed?

Wanda Sykes is a comedienne that has built a career on being the ultimate smartass about all things political, social and the like. The White House needs to grow a pair and lighten up. Keith Olbermann even cast stones at Sykes. For real? The man who took conservatives to task when no one else would, says she crossed the line. Okay, because that’s exactly what they said about him.

If the White House wanted “clean,” or sanitized, they should have invited another comedian. Sykes didn’t sneak in and crash the party. She was invited presumably because of her type of humor. To invite her and then distance themselves from her is disingenuous and pretty lame.


One Response to “Earth to the White House: Have You Met Wanda Sykes?”

  1. Rachel Says:

    The black dyke quote was said by Christopher Hitchens, not Rush Limbaugh.

    Also, it’s Keith Olbermann, not Kenneth.

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