What’s Really Going On? Jesse, John and now Dick Parsons Self-Destruct

What’s really going on? Is there something in the water that is making extremely powerful men engage in extremely self-destructive behavior? First Jesse, then John (allegedly) and now Richard Parsons. Making babies with the jump-off? I know many of you are thinking that this sort of thing has been happening forever. Yes, it has.  But, in contemporary times, “Baby Daddy” has been a category reserved for the poor, uneducated or irresponsible —  men who weren’t quite capable of committing to anything or anyone other than frivolous sex.

Now, we are ushering in Baby Daddy 2.0, where CEOs and politicians are joining the ranks of professional athletes and celebrities. Unprotected sex with the chick-on-the-side. What? At least they used to have the decency to have a “real” mid-life crisis and dump their wives first. Now, they just do whatever, with whomever, whenever. Maxwell said it best, “Whenever, wherever, whatever, baaabyyyyy.”

The “Dick Parsons” of the world are supposed to be “above” that type of risky behavior, building successful careers, marrying dynamic women and having families of their own. In addition, they are admired and able to lead because of their ability to make good and sound decisions in a myriad of spaces, which is why Parsons can head Time-Warner and then Citigroup. They are often held up as the “model” husband and father that men should emulate. Why in the world is there a steady stream of men that have “made it,” not only having mistresses, but impregnating them, particularly at this life stage and stage of the game, respectively?

Perhaps I am naive? I actually expect people who have “made it” and who are role models to conduct themselves as such. What makes them any different from Pookie and Ray Ray who have made children “out-of-wedlock?” I know. These men are actually married, which actually makes it worse. They have not only publicly humiliated themselves, but also their families. They are so smart, but not smart enough to wrap it up when cheating on their wives with a person much younger than they?

The Reverend,  US Presidential candidate and possible Presidential Cabinet member are out raw dogging it with the “mistress?” All of these men were old enough to have had vasectomies if indeed they wanted to minimize the risk of pregnancy, amongst other things (HIV, AIDS, Syphillis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, insert STD here). I thought about mentioning Mel Gibson, but since he’s certifiably crazy and hell-bent on self-destruction, we’ll leave him alone for now. Why do the others risk it all and at this age?

Yes, people are human and make mistakes, but the idea is that you get wiser as you get older.  I guess that’s not true either.  The saddest part of it all is that these men already have families with multiple children and they are the ones who will suffer the most.  I keep hearing that “a man is going to be a man.” If that is the case, get a vasectomy and spare your family the embarrassment. Perhaps it is this kind of thinking that allows us to set and maintain low standards in our relationships, such that men (and women) will continue publicly humiliating themselves and others in perpetuity.

*contributed to by Cindy Barnes-Thomas.


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