Sotomayor Rocks

Enough with the hate already. Sonia Sotomayor is clearly qualified and is one of the most interesting Supreme Court Nominees in history. The Bronx. Princeton. Yale. Married. Divorced. Appointed by H.W. Bush. Promoted by Bill Clinton. Nominated to be the H.L.I.C. by the H.B.I.C. English. Spanish. Nuyorican. Boricua. What? I cannot wait to see what this phenomenal woman does on the court.

Since the Honorable Sotomayor does not fit into the stereotypical category of “Hot Latina,” some folks cannot figure out what to do with her. So, they go for the old tried and true tactic – latch on to another stereotype. She’s overly emotional. She is so passionate that she cannot possibly make logical decisions on the bench. What?

I don’t believe that this test has ever been applied to male judges. I guess when the Honorable Clarence Thomas proclaimed that his hearing was a “high tech lynching,” he was not being emotional. As political commentator Mary C. Curtis asks, “Don’t Male Judges Have Feelings?” I guess noone has ever paid attention to Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

At any rate, when that tactic fails, we begin peeling away at her record. The GOP railed against her recent ruling to throw out the results of a firefighter promotion exam because almost no minorities qualified for promotions. The Supreme Court heard the case in April 2009 and a final opinion is pending.

The media was all over this “case” but failed to mention the tiny detail about why the test was thrown out.  It was tossed because it was determined that the minorities failed the questions that WERE NOT related to firefighting. Yes, a test for the promotion of firefighters had enough irrelevant questions (questions not related to firefighting) on it to cause someone who had no knowledge of the subject matter to fail a promotion. It is simple social science and I would argue discrimination against minorities — not reverse discrimination against the folks who can study for the firefighters section of the exam and have other questions that are specific to their cultural group.

I’m not a lawyer or a judge — just a critical thinker, with a social science degree.

So, when bringing up that issue didn’t work, they (The GOP) tried to call her a “racist” for a joke made at a panel discussion. Really? The same people that refuse to label Rush Limbaugh a racist paint her as such based on one comment in a closed environment. Okay. And when that doesn’t work, she isn’t qualified. She has more experience than Clarence Thomas had when he took the bench, and a lot less controversy, so I’m going to put my money on her.  Acknowledging your racial and cultural background is something that I like in a potential Supreme Court justice.

Regardless of what the haters will do and say, this appointment is moving full steam ahead. With the number of Latinos/Hispanics in this country, it is about time that there is a Latina on the bench. Hopefully, nothing will come about to derail this truly momentous occasion.

I am sure that this dynamic woman will re-write the rules of the bench and hopefully allow people to re-imagine Latina woman outside of the stereotypical boxes in which they often reside.  Sonia Sotomayor is  turning national politics on its head and that truly is making it “hot!” Judge Sotomayor’s life story and future on the bench is American history in the making and I love it!


One Response to “Sotomayor Rocks”

  1. TD Says:

    A good example why we need constitutional scholars on the court and not “empathetic” social scientists. The boxes these Latina women reside in? Your support seems only based upon the box you’ve put her in.

    And by the way, most racist comments among the public these day are made in closed environments – her’s simply have a politically correct target in a politically correct environment. So what do you really believe in?

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