Farewell Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is dead. My heart is heavy because he was the most iconic musical figure of my generation. I remember my first 45 was of “I’ll Be There.” My sister and I played it over and over arguing about which Jackson was the cutest. My sister’s first LP was Off the Wall and we played it over and over. I remember begging for my Michael Jackson leather jacket and smiling brightly when I finally got it. My mom commissioned two Michael Jackson paintings for my sister and me by a local artist, which we had for years. It is still our all time favorite gift.

Perhaps, my greatest memory of Michael Jackson is his performance on Motown 25. I will never forget the energy, precision, excitement and sheer perfection. He and his brothers shut it down. I remember standing in front of the television, mouth agape, in utter awe of this man’s performance.

Honestly, I had not thought about Michael Jackson much recently although I had planned a jaunt to Europe to catch one of his shows. It’s funny that his death is all that I can think about now.

In the words of Michael Jackson, all that I can say is goodbye.


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