What’s So Real About the ‘Real Housewives’?

It seems that Real Housewife of Atlanta’s Lisa Wu Hartwell lost her home. The bank foreclosed on it and she is reporting that they are now living in a house that sits on ten acres. For real? Sounds like another foreclosure is in the works.

Do two adults and one child really need 10 acres?

Wu Hartwell now joins the other cast members Nene Leakes and Sheree Whitfield in having homes foreclosed on since last season. The only one who seems to have moved on up is Kim Zolciak who is an admitted gold digger who juiced her married “Big Poppa” for cars, clothes, jewelry and homes. I’m just wondering why she can’t get enough money to tighten up that wig. But I digress.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
highlight what’s wrong with Americans and why we are in so much debt. We are so wedded to keeping up with the Jones’ that we are barely keeping up.

How much debt could you possibly be in that you cannot keep a home in Atlanta when starring on a widely successful reality show?

But that’s right, none of them actually live in Atlanta just like last year’s DeShawn Snow was renting her “mansion.” I’ve seen mansions before and the homes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta do not compare.

They are so transparent that I’m trying to find out just who in the world they are trying to impress?

What’s not impressive? Being a fashion designer who doesn’t know a thing about fabrics, design or sewing; being a singer but you are vocally challenged; pretending to live an NFL lifestyle when in fact it is clear you are the breadwinner and hubby is along for the ride; calling people “ghetto,” when many people would describe you as country and ghetto; acting like you’re happy to be engaged to a man with six children when you’re obviously settling; pretending to be friends and hating on each other at every given moment.

There’s nothing really “real” about the Real Housewives of Atlanta except for their propensity to make fools of themselves. The saddest part about it is that they keep stumbling along, creating debt and projecting a lifestyle that they truly cannot afford and certainly not on their own, with the exception of Wu Hartwell and Kandi Burruss.

Tune in for the drama, because the show is definitely entertaining. Just know that the only thing real about this show is that these ladies are posers and like most of us, one paycheck away from the poor house.

This article originally appeared on TheLoop21.com, where Nsenga serves as managing editor.


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