Will Somebody Please Protect the Nation’s First Black President?

Enough is enough. President Barack Hussein Obama must be protected against zealots who are using every opportunity to harass, bully and intimidate supporters and the President by traipsing around with guns. At a protest in Phoenix, 12 people were carrying guns — one with a military style rifle, where the President of the United States of America was speaking. Let me state that again — The President of the United States of America.

Supposedly these gun rights advocates were permitted to operate in this “unsafe” space, because it is their constitutional right.  Is it their constitutional right to harass and intimidate people with the presence of guns at a protest about health care reform? Do their 2nd Amendment rights supersede my 1st amendment right to assemble or protest without the threat of violence? I am repulsed at the sheer and utter depraved indifference that law enforcement took with the President’s life by allowing these bullies to march around with rifles.  Just what are they protecting and who are they defending? I know — fear, racism and vengeance.  Not much has changed in this so-called time of change.

Some white men still think that it is their right to control everything including a person’s movement. The policing of bodies, especially of Blacks and women is as American as apple pie, and some racist and sexist holdovers won’t let go. When change comes, they do everything in their power to stop it, including relying on traditional modes of invoking and instilling fear in their perceived opponent.

Allowing this type of repugnant, venomous and abusive behavior to occur and to fester can lead to only one thing — another massacre or presidential assassination.  Why people need assault weapons at a gathering about health care, I don’t know.  Why they are allowed to operate in that fashion is even more bewildering. Nothing good has ever come from extremists with guns.

To allow people to have assault weapons in the same space as the President of the United States is unconscionable.  Not only are attendees at risk, but so is the life of the President of the United States of America.  Do we not value his life as much as other presidents because of the color of his skin? If that is the case, then that is the same perverted ideology that drives these gun rights activists over the edge.

They are not hiding their racism behind gun rights — they are in fact tying their racism to gun rights, which is as scary as being greeted at a forum by a gun-toting bigot who thinks his life means more than yours. I ask will somebody, anybody please protect innocent people and the nation’s first Black president?

This article originally appeared on TheLoop21.com, where Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D. serves as managing editor. She is a cultural critic for Creative Loafing, writes the pop cultural blog Tune N, and is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Goucher College.


One Response to “Will Somebody Please Protect the Nation’s First Black President?”

  1. Logic Connection Says:


    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the person with the “military style rifle” as you put it, was actually not white. The following is a link to a news interview with the man who was exercising his 2nd Amendment right (or you can search youtube for “man carrying assault weapon attends obama protest”).

    Second, I searched your website but was unable to find anything written by you denouncing the new black panther party for engaging in actual intimidation and harassment at polling places on election day last November. Like the protesters in Arizona, the black panther party members also had weapons, but unlike in Arizona, there was actual voter intimidation so serious that charges were filed by the Department of Justice. No charges were filed against any protesters in Arizona last week.

    You’re entitled to your opinion about what “some white men still think,” but I think it’s rather disingenuous for an Assistant Professor Of Communication at Goucher College to make such a statement without including all the facts.

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