Jenna Bush Hager: Affirmative Action Baby

Well, well, well. It seems that my favorite morning news show, The Today Show, has done it again. It seems that former president George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush Hager has joined The Today Show as a correspondent. She will contribute “occasionally” on issues about education.

How interesting is it that the daughter of the man whose education policies have left more children behind than ever imagined, now gets to be the voice of education in this country on a major network no less? What I find to be more interesting is that Bush Hager apparently has no broadcasting experience and has only been teaching for two years. In my mind, that doesn’t make her an expert in anything although she is getting a pretty plum position for someone who is so young.

I’m really trying not to hate on her because I do believe that old adage that it’s not how you get into the party, as long as you can dance when you get there.

Having said that, I find it really interesting that there has been little to no outcry about this young woman being “handed” this position. She said herself that NBC came to her and she had not previously thought about a career in broadcast. Really? I’m wondering what it is about Jenna that is so desirable that NBC overlooked trained journalists and correspondents, and experienced teachers?  (read more)


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