Maia Campbell: What’s With All of the Hate?

Maia Campbell is in trouble. The young woman known to many as Tiffany from the television show In the House co-starring L.L. Cool J, Kim Wayans, and Debbie Allen, was captured on camera in an uncompromising position. Gone was the Black American princess on television and in real life; in her place, a foul-mouther girl who is obviously running with the wrong crowd and may have a drug problem. It is truly sad to witness a young person with such promise decline in such a public way.

What is more sad is the fact that so many people on the web seem to be relishing in this woman’s very public demise.

Instead of offering help or asking for prayers, people are ridiculing and making fun of this young woman who is clearly headed for destruction.

People must have forgotten that Maia fought a very public battle with mental illness. She is the daughter of the late Bebe Moore Campbell who watched over her tirelessly. You may remember her novel 72 Hour Hold, detailing the challenges of dealing with a child that is mentally ill. Maia is bi-polar and it was her mother who helped Maia manage her illness until Moore Campbell died of brain cancer, and could no longer physically watch over her.

Those of us who have dealt with relatives with mental illness, know that you must keep constant watch over them to make sure that they take care of themselves. Part of the illness is thinking that they are healthy, when they are not, in which they stop taking their medication and end up self-medicating. That is how the drug and alcohol abuse usually begins.

While I am not a doctor, Maia Campbell is clearly suffering — the loss of her mother and protector, the loss of her fame and the loss of her sanity. What typically happens to people who are lost? They get preyed upon by predators and lowlifes who think that it’s funny to videotape a young, woman in trouble and to abuse and exploit her on the web. And why not? They’ve gotten so such support from the Black community — the same community that ridicules Campbell. (more)

This article originally appeared on, where she is managing editor.


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