Rep. Joe Wilson: Have You Seen SC Politics Lately?

Yesterday during President Obama’s speech on health care, Republican South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson shouted “You Lie”. Democrats and Republicans have condemned the act as they should.

Like many racist White folks that are just enraged by the mere presence of a Black man in White House, Rep. Joe Wilson has clearly lost his mind. Heckling the president while he’s in the middle of making a speech? In my mind that doesn’t make him any different than the moron journalist who threw shoes at President Bush in Iraq last year. It was completely inappropriate behavior, lacked decorum and was dangerous. People defended Muntathar al-Zaidi as an act of protest, but I felt he was throwing those shoes at America. Even if you don’t like our representative, which I did not, there is no reason for that action, cultural norm or not.

Having said that, Rep. Wilson is out of line and his inappropriate behavior is not befitting that of a member of Congress. If we accept this type of behavior, how far away are we from all out brawl on the Congressional floor like some other so-called first-world countries?

What I find most appalling is that Rep. Wilson thinks that he is allowed to do this because of his extreme racism against President Obama. Imagine a politician from South Carolina feeling the need to call someone a liar? He did not call Governor Mark Sanford, an admitted infidel who lied about going hiking, when he spent state funds to go kick it with his “girlfriend” in Columbia – Latin America, not Columbia, SC. (more)

This article originally appeared as Joe Wilson: Heckling Obama is Unacceptable on, where Nsenga serves as managing editor.


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