Congressional Black Caucus: Party with a Purpose

If one more person asks me which Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) events I’m going to attend this week, I will scream. Why? Because the organization that came together to support causes that protect the interests of African-Americans in Congress and society has been reduced to a week where thousands of Black leaders, professionals, lawmakers, business people come together to kick it, in style. What’s the problem? Nothing except the fact that the CBC is much more than that.

Yes, the “Who’s Who” of Black America descend on Chocolate City to see and be seen at some of the nation’s most exclusive events. I’m not mad that the CBC and others know how to host and properly entertain its constituents. More than 15,000 people come to the city for this conference each year, so the hospitality should be great. It is well deserved and I appreciate a city that welcomes Black people and Black money and an organization whose events reflect the style and class of Black America, that is all but invisible in many other arenas.

However, it is unnerving that so many people are invested in the party piece of the conference as opposed to the most important part, which is addressing issues that are relevant to Black America. This is why the conference exists.

Like the legendary parties, the CBC Foundation’s (CBCF) 39th Annual Legislative Conference offers some of the best programming around on socio-economic issues that impact Black people. This year’s conference is dedicated to examining the economy. For example, there is a National Town Hall Meeting from 8:30-11:45 a.m., on September 24 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Under the title “Economic Recovery and Opportunity,” the panel will feature policy makers and experts from the corporate and business world who will discuss methods on how to survive and thrive in these financially turbulent times. The panel is a reflection of the conference’s overall theme Reinvest, Rebuild, Renew. (click here to read this article in its entirety)

See a photo gallery of high-profile people expected at the Congressional Black Caucus conference this week.

This article originally appeared on where Nsenga serves as managing editor.


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