Get a Job: Extorting Money from Celebs Does Not Work

Here we go again — yet another celebrity has had someone arrested for an attempted extortion attempt. Yes, John Stamos a.k.a. Blackie from General Hospital and Jesse from Full House fame was being blackmailed for photos taken when he was having “relations” with a woman in 2004. This on the heels of David Letterman’s high-profile extortion attempt. Losers take note, trying to extort money from celebrities will no longer work because they are hip to the game. The ability to present oneself as a victim (of extortion) far exceeds whatever dastardly deed he or she might have done (‘infidelity’ in both cases). It seems to me that instead of trying to steal money from celebrities, you might want to do like the rest of us — get a job! Save yourself some time in jail and save us from having to watch more senseless celebrity coverage at the top of every news cycle.


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