Annie Leibovitz’s Tiger Plantation Fantasy

Mirror Images

Well it seems that Vanity Fair has decided to put embattled Tiger Woods on the cover, only with photos taken 4 years ago by Annie Leibovitz. Surprise, surprise — he looks like he’s on a prison yard, bare chested and all. Like me, he looks better with his clothes on. At any rate, Leibovitz has done what she always does — take the black man back to his most primitive and primal image. Yet another plantation fantasy reminiscent of O.J.’s Time Magazine cover where he was actually darkened. Tiger is looking more “bl” than “cau” and “asian” in this one. He definitely looks darker in complexion and posture. Perhaps Leibovitz should focus less on perpetuating stereotypical images of EVERYONE and more on managing her money.


2 Responses to “Annie Leibovitz’s Tiger Plantation Fantasy”

  1. Drew Peterson Says:

    Tiger likz the whiteys..hahaa…

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