Air Rage and Lame Leno

Air Rage
It has been announced that Delta and now Continental are increasing baggage fees. Perhaps they should focus more on helping to tighten up security at the airports and on the airlines and less on gouging customers. I guess it’s not enough that we have to suffer through long lines, constant delays, canceled flights and the imminent threat of terror each time we fly, but now we have to worry about increased baggage fees. I don’t know who runs airlines, but I would think that with all of the recent snafus, that the last thing they’d want to do is increase fees at this time. Yet another reason to drive if at possible.

Leno is Lame

Okay, why is NBC trying to find room for Jay Leno? He had a late night show for over 20 years and has made millions upon millions of dollars. He owns an airplane hanger full of classic cars. Poof, be gone man. Your time to shine is over and let someone else have a chance. Do we really need 3 late-night talk shows on one network? Are the NBC execs that afraid of Leno? His show fails, so now everyone else must suffer including Conan, Fallon and the viewers? What happened to riding off into the sunset? I’d like to see him host a show on classic cars for a different network. I would hope that his ego is not this out of control. I guess hope springs eternal.


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