Beyonce and Gods and Monsters

Bye Bye Beyonce
Beyonce is young, beautiful and talented, but I think it’s time for her to do something different, like go away. We get it – you can sing and dance, most of the time. You’re one half of the most powerful couple in entertainment and a private person. Unless you plan to do something drastically different, I’ve had enough. It was refreshing to see you thank your husband and tell him that you love him publicly. That was really the first time that you seemed real in a long time. Recycling the same old look, sound and dance steps smacks of fabrication. Take a note from J.Lo. Not all publicity is good publicity. The very same public that catapaulted you to fame, will turn on you, when they’ve had too much of you. Jay Leno anyone? Know when to say when. Give yourself and us a break for a minute.

Gods and Monsters
It’s official. John Edwards is the world’s greatest scoundrel – maybe not, but certainly this decade’s greatest jerk. Cheating on your wife who has terminal breast cancer, knocking-up a crackpot, making a father of three take the fall, lying about the paternity of the child and then finally telling the truth, when said father writes a book to restore his dignity and that of his family. Raw dogging it with the jump off? Like Sanford, his narcissism led him to believe that he could get away with it. The levels of deceit are despicable. A person can only take so much. How bad is it when you’re divorcing your partner when you have a terminal illness? Elizabeth Edwards is doing just that. So sad and tragic. Standing by a man that didn’t stand by you or his child. This is what happens when dealing with a man who thinks he’s God, but really is a monster.


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