A Tribute Fit for a King

Today the world lays to rest one of the most gifted and talented geniuses in modern time. It is a sad day indeed, listening to commentators as they struggle to celebrate him while calling attention to his demons. Soledad O’Brien asked why he was so full of contradictions? I ask the question, “Who isn’t?”

We are all full of contradictions, which is what makes us interesting. I’m confused as to why everyone thinks a man like Michael Jackson would not be. As some display poor taste and judgment by demonizing this man at his memorial, I choose to remember him fondly for his unmatched contributions to the world of music.  He will be missed and hopefully some of the humanity that he showed the world, will be shown to him in the coming days. Afterall, he was a human being.


Farewell Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is dead. My heart is heavy because he was the most iconic musical figure of my generation. I remember my first 45 was of “I’ll Be There.” My sister and I played it over and over arguing about which Jackson was the cutest. My sister’s first LP was Off the Wall and we played it over and over. I remember begging for my Michael Jackson leather jacket and smiling brightly when I finally got it. My mom commissioned two Michael Jackson paintings for my sister and me by a local artist, which we had for years. It is still our all time favorite gift.

Perhaps, my greatest memory of Michael Jackson is his performance on Motown 25. I will never forget the energy, precision, excitement and sheer perfection. He and his brothers shut it down. I remember standing in front of the television, mouth agape, in utter awe of this man’s performance.

Honestly, I had not thought about Michael Jackson much recently although I had planned a jaunt to Europe to catch one of his shows. It’s funny that his death is all that I can think about now.

In the words of Michael Jackson, all that I can say is goodbye.